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Farmington Speedway

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Car Specifications
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  1. Cars must be registered 30 minutes prior to race. If not will start in rear of heat.
  2. Air only in tires. No liquids of any kind.
  3. All tires have to be approved by officials. 
  4. If there are any drivers who suspect other cars are using anything other that air they can protest.
  5. Any numbers ground off or altered of internal or external engine parts will result in suspension.
  6. Protests will be allowed by any driver no matter where you place, you must fill out protest sheet. If wanted protest will be kept confidential.
  7. Before you can race, all drivers must have stock vehicles teched and ALL vehicles must pass safety inspection. If the officials find anything other than what claim you will:(1) Be suspended for two races:(2) Number of car and drivers name will be posted in pits and gates:(3) You will loose points for the year:(4) At any time during the race season you are caught cheating you will be suspended for one calendar year.
  8. Officials at any time can quick check any car before or after any race.
  9. Must have 3 cars to make a race.
  10. Single Exhaust on classes.
  11. All classes, after 1 feature win, you will start at the rear of your next race. Winner's of stock class will start in rear of "A" main feature.
  12. quad 4's will be in super stock class. No aftermarket computer chips will be allowed.     Turbo and will be required to be strictly stock and will run in V6 class subject to tech as stock 4's. 
  13. No rear view mirrors.
  14. (4 cylinder stock) Feature races will be divided into two or three qualifications.                                                                                        A. Main - 15 points and down:B. Main - 13 points and down:C. Main - 11 points and down
  15. There will be a starting at flag stand. On starts - no passing until vehicle is beyond the starting point. 
  16. Any class vehicle's motor's can be bought by the Farmington Fire Dept. for $500.00 at anytime. If there is any protest to purchase - you will be suspended for one year.
  17. In Superstock class, air cleaner can stick out of hood 2 inches with exception to quad 4's and turbo's.
  18. You must have 2 races to race fair week.
  19. All approvals will be made by 2 officals.

More Specifications Will Be Added Soon. Thank You For Being Patient!