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Farmington Speedway

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  1. Any pit crew member, car owner, spectator, or driver entering or distracting any official during the event will automatically be suspended. The length of suspension will be determined by officials. 
  2. Failure to observe flags or flagmen will end up in disqualification. There is no excuse for not seeing flags or lights.
  3. All cars and crew must be presentable to the public at all times. Your appearance and conduct go a long way toward gaining popularity with the fans.
  4. Officials are permitted to allow minor deviations from rules where safety is not a factor.
  5. Disqualifications apply to driver, car, and pit crew. If car is sold, it cannot participate until the suspension is over.
  6. All drivers must be 16 or older. 16-18 year old's must have photo I.D. and parental consent.
  7. Alcoholic beverages and drugs are strictly prohibited. Any driver appearing or acting in an noticed manner during or before the races will not be permitted in pits or on the track. Disqualification in this case will be for one full year. Any track official has the right to check any vehicle entering the pits.
  8. Only people properly signed in at the pit area will be permitted in the pit area until the final flag is dropped on the last race of the day.
  9. All persons in pitt area will have to sign a release form with purchase of pitt pass.
  10. Any driver entering track without official's permission will be diqualified. Vehicles must enter at designated area.
  11. All injuries must be reported to an official immediately.
  12. Physical disturbances or unsportsmanlike conduct will be punished.  Penalty will be up to the officials.  Drivers are responsible for their pit crew.
  13. Striking or attempting to strike, or molesting in any manner an official will be punishable by suspension plus  prosecuted by law.
  14. Fighting, slapping, or attempting to start a fight with another driver, an owner, pit crew, or mechanic will be punishable by : 1st time = Disqualification. 2nd time= Suspension for one year.
  15. Punishment will be levied in case of rough or inconsiderate driving on or off the track for violation of flags or rules, cutting across the infield, for general use of foul or abusive language or any unsportsmanlike conduct.
  16. Parking tow truck or any vehicle on the track to prevent racing will result in a one year suspension.
  17. When the race is stopped for any reason the cars will line up according to the last lap completed.
  18. All races must be run until the leader covers the authorized distance unless it is unsafe to continue. The car must be on the track when the checkered flag is dropped to earn a place.
  19. When yellow flag comes out after white flag the race is over.
  20. Line up for races will be regulated by the pit steward.
  21. A race may be stopped at the discretion of the starter or official at anytime they consider it dangerous or unsafe to continue.
  22. Should the race be stopped by a red flag, only track officials and safety crews and drivers will be permitted on track. NO PIT CREW / SPECTATORS
  23. Helmets and eye protection are required at all times while on the track.
  24. Positively no refueling or repairing of the cars on the track - this includes water. Driver will be disqualified if pit crew comes on track.
  25. Upon commencement of the first event the flagmen have complete authority of the race track area.
  26. Any mechanical defects endangering other drivers could be cause for the starter to use the black flag. Once a car recieves a black flag, it must remain in the pits for that race.(if during heat race once inspected vehicle may return for feature). 
  27. When the starter gives a car the black flag, it must pull into the pits for consultation.  Any driver refusing to do so could be suspended.
  28. The pit steward has complete control and authority of the pit area at all times.
  29. Any driver who does not obey the flag rules will be subject to action by the track official.
  30. All stock cars and tow vehicles must be parked in a designated area determined by the officials.
  31. All drivers have 5 minutes after being called to line up in positions in heats.  If not there, you will go to the back of the pack.
  32. Any car advancing a position before the green flag is dropped goes to the back of the pack without protest.  This decision is strictly up to the starter flagmen. NO POSITION CHANGE UNTIL PASSING THE FLAGSTAND.
  33. Positively no pitting at all.
  34. Speed limit in pit is 2mph.  This will be enforced.
  35. No repairs can be made on or near pit road. UNLESS BY A TRACK OFFICIAL
  36. Any driver pouring or draining oil or gas on the ground will be fined $500.00 and permanently suspended.  No exceptions.
  37. The following flags will be used at the speedway
  39. Every vehicle in every class must be inspected/teched before its first race.  The fee will be $20.00.  Teching of stock classes can be done at any given moment during season.
  40. In the event of an accident on the track there will be a list of track officials whom may enter track all others will be subject to suspension this will no longer be tolerated.
  41. ***No bumping up from 4cyl. stock to v-6 with the exception of a different driver than whom drove that vehicle.****
  • GREEN FLAG - Start of race. Track is clear. Continue racing
  • YELLOW FLAG - Caution. Slow down.  Remain in position. Stop at start finish line.
  • RED FLAG - Stop car immediately
  • BLACK FLAG - Rules infraction, or mechanical defect - go to pit.
  • WHITE FLAG - One lap to go.
  • GREEN AND WHITE CROSSED - One half of race complete.
  • CHECKERED FLAG - Winner!! Race Complete.

 ** A blue/yellow flag will be used to signal cars to "move out of the way"( TO OUTSIDE OF TRACK FOR REMAINDER OF RACE)