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Farmington Speedway

4 & 6 Cylinder Rules and Specifications
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  1. Only stock 4 cylinder automobiles permitted. Stock Carburetors must fit factory intake manifolds without adapter plates. Engines must be strictly stock and must be factory manufactured with cast iron manifolds. No reboring ports in carburetors or intake manifolds. No high rise intake manifolds. No duel feed double pump carburetors permitted. No after marked carburetors such as "Holleys" permitted. Engines must be strictly stock. Engine must have stock compression ratio.
  2. Entire car must be factory built stock. No extra changes may be made to the engine, transmission, frame, or radiators.
  3. No cars or motors 1998 and above are permitted IN ALL STOCK CLASSES. NO MORE THAN 2 VALVES PER CYLINDER. 
  5.  All doors must be welded--with drivers door reinforced. No sunroofs.
  6. No roof, hood, or trunk ornaments. Stock bumper--4" hoop. No higher than hood.
  7. 5 point harness mandatory. Must be certified.
  8. All cars must have a roll cage. Roll bar must be higher than driver's head. It must be made out of no less than 1 3/4" pipe, 1/8" wall (no angle iron). It can be bolted or welded to the frame of floor. The part of the roll bar nearest the driver's head must be padded. All joints must be welded solidly. Min. 4 point roll cage at owner's discretion. TRUCK CLASS MUST BE WELDE TO FRAME MANDITORY 4 PT. CAGE INSIDE OF CAB. DRIVERS DOOR MUST BE REINFORCED WITH 2 CROSSBARS, PASSENGER SIDE ON CROSSBAR.
  9. Street tires only. They may be up to 8" wide--not to stick out past fender walls. No studs. No grinding or grooving tires permitted. Tires can be screwed of bolted to wheels. STOCK CLASSES MUST BE DOT APPROVED NO MUD/SNOW TIRES.
  10. No personal vehicles will be permitted in the pits. Only one tow vehicle per race car will be allowed. All vehicles in the pits will be parked at owner's risk. No vehicle larger than a one ton truck. All tools must be in tow vehicle.
  11. Batteries installed inside car must be in marine type boat box. One battery per car. A "kill switch" must be mounted on passender side , marked and accessible to track officials.
  12. All 4 wheel brakes must be in working order before going through gate onto track. Must be able or stop all wheels.
  13. All cars must have starters and clutches in working order to be able to start under their own power on track and at gate.
  14. All glass  must be removed. A heavy duty screen and goggles must be worn.
  15. All interior with the exception of the driver's seat must be removed.
  16. Cars must have complete floors either covered with sheet metal or have original floor boards in good condition.
  17. 3-18" numbers must be on car, so they can be see when car is moving left or right. One number on roof and one on each door. Numbers must be easy to read. Dark car - light numbers, Light car - dark numbers.
  18. There will be no renumbering of cars with cardboard pieces or other means during a race event. No swapping number on cars permitted.
  19. Anyone coming to the track with 3 digit numbers or tow digits and a letter will be issued a new number. Numbers must be 0 - 99. Track will be issued numbers. There will be no numbers alike. Numbers will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. No changing of numbers during the season is allowed.
  20. A dry chemical fire extinguisher of at least 2 1/2 lb. Capacity must be mounted on all cars entering the pits so it is accessible through the right hand door. We suggest all drivers invest in a fire suit. A driver's side net is  required.
  21. Cam shift must have stock lift and duration.
  22. All cars must be checked by the rules committee.
  23. Mufflers must be removed. Engine must be equipped with exhaust manifold with pipe extending to the outside and behind the front tire of car. No after market headers may be used.
  24. Cars must have hoods while racing on track. Hood hinges must remain on car. Hood pins on front are permitted.
  25. It is the decision of the speedway and it's officials that the rules and specifications contained in the speedway rules will not be subject to protest, appeal or change.
  26. All wheel lugs must be on all four wheels.
  27. Gas tanks may remain in stock position. It gas tank remains in stock position, two extra straps must be added to secure the tank. A skid plate is also required. The skid plate must be at least 16 gauge metal. No stock fuel tank will be mounted in the trunk. No pressure fuel tanks will be allowed. Fuel cells are highly recommended.
  28. Pump gas only will be allowed. No nitrous oxide allowed. SUPER STOCK CLASS MAY RUN RACING FUEL
  29. Anything for safety is allowed such as : Reinforced wheels and rims. Reinforced tie rods, and wheel wells opened for tire clearance.
  30. No sharp edges anywhere. All four shocks must be in original position. All cars must have factory suspension and frame. ( 4 inch channel)
  31. Nothing more than 105 inch wheel base will be accepted.


At anytime we can check the cubic inch of engine with a pump gauge. Also, we can check carburations and intake manifold bore. If at anytime the drivers are not satisfied with our inspection, that driver may put up a $300.00 fee.

If the engine is legal, you loose your tear down fee and the car driver gets the fee. Plus, you must pay mechanic's labor. If the engine is illegal, you get your tear down fee back and the driver is suspended for one calendar year and will pay the cost of the mechanic before the driver is permitted to race again. The engine tear down will take place at the promoter's discretion.